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American Foam Technologies, Inc. has produced high quality, Phenolic and Urethane foams at a competitive cost since 1962. AFT is able to provide custom solutions to a wide range of applications. Production can be tailored to acquire custom densities from soft low density foam used to make orthopedic impressions to a rigid, high-density foam used for industrial design or as a high performance core material. Phenolic foams offer exceptional thermal resistance, high insulation, and stability to any project.

A variety of our foams also offer the ability to be further applied by carving, painting, and adhering foam to other materials, making it ideal for interior panels in restaurants, event halls, and other public places where low smoke and toxicity are important. Phenolic Foams can offer characteristics that allow for it to be used in applications where temperature control is critical, such as the shipping of biomedical and perishable food items.

Multiple light-weight Phenolic Foams offer solutions as core materials in fabricating composites due to its high compression strength and its excellent fire, heat, and chemical resistance. American Foam Technologies, Inc. also offers a variety of foam that can be used to absorb large amounts of liquids. Ultra-Wet™ Floral Foam; the original floral foam produced in the United States, with its unique cell structure, custom shapes, sizes, and ability to hold maximum water is the perfect way to take custom floral design to another level.

Custom densities and consistent cell structure make some AFT products, like Balsa-Foam®, an ideal medium for sculpting, prototyping, and machine shaping for artistic and industrial design applications. Balsa-Foam® can be used in many of the same applications of wood because it can be carved, sanded, chiseled, painted or adhered.

American Foam Technologies, Inc. (AFT) takes pride in its ability to offer superior precision in the cutting of it materials. Our state-of-the-art of hot-wires and saws offer unparalleled performance, accuracy, and reliability to our customers. In addition to our Phenolic and Urethane foams that we manufacture and fabricate, AFT can offer the service of custom cutting customer supplied materials. Our fast wire cutting equipment has the ability to cut EPS, Polyethylene, PVC, EVA, and Balsa Wood.

Industrial Applications

Whether your work demands a high performance core material, temperature sensitive packaging or a breakthrough prototyping medium, American Foam Technologies, Inc. has you covered. Thermo-Cor® FR, Freeze-Pack Foam, and Balsa-Foam® offer striking features that will improve your finished products.

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Whether you’re looking for a material to increase energy efficiency, use low smoke and toxicity materials, or utilize acoustical properties with advanced customization. Thermo-Cor® and Thermo-Cor® FR have you covered.

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Whether you’re constructing a luxury automobile, a state of the art boat or a high speed train, Thermo-Cor® and Polycore™ have you covered.

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Medical Industry

Whether you’re shipping temperature sensitive items, require an exact impression for orthopedic foot ware, or need precision body placement in the practice of Oncology. Freeze-Pack Foam and Impression Foam have you covered.

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Wet & Dry Floral Design

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your floral arrangement, a hobbyist creating seasonal or permanent designs or even an event planner looking to create a standout fixture, Ultra-Wet™ Foam For Fresh Flowers & Ultra-Foam® For Silk & Dried Flowers have you covered.

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