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Wet & Dry Floral Design

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your floral arrangement, a hobbyist creating seasonal or permanent designs or even an event planner looking to create a standout fixture, Ultra-Wet™ Foam For Fresh Flowers & Ultra-Foam® For Silk & Dried Flowers have you covered.

Reccomended Products

Ultra-Wet™ Shapes

Balsam Wreaths, Kissing Balls, and Floral Arrangements

Because Ultra-Wet™ Floral Foam has the ability to be cut in a variety of custom sizes and shapes, the ability to make seasonal and unique arrangements has never been easier. Our Ultra-Wet™ Foam is milled into: bricks, rings, cones, wheels, and spheres (netting available). However, because custom cutting is available, large sheets of Ultra-Wet™ Foam can be wet and fastened to a wall allowing for flowers to be plugged in for a unique event arrangement. Place fresh balsam into Ultra-Wet™ Foam cones, cylinders, and spheres to create festive holiday arrangements and centerpieces.

  • Density .8pcf – 1.2pcf
  • Compressive Strength (with rise) 18.0 psi
  • Balanced pH of 4.0 – 5.0
  • Greater than 95% water retention
  • Retains Color Longer than Competitors
  • Case packs vary by size & shape
  • Custom cuts available

Dry Permanent and Seasonal Designs

When fabricating silk and dried floral arrangements, the demand for quality and consistency at a competitive cost is evident. American Foam Technologies, Inc. is pleased to offer customers Ultra-Foam® for silk & dried flowers. Its dense composition easily accepts delicate stems and holds them securely in place. Adhere additional craft materials to Ultra-Foam® using hot glue to create designs that will last for years to come.

  • Density 2.0pcf
  • Compressive Strength (with rise) 44.0 psi
  • Unique Cell Structure Ensures Stability
  • Does Not Absorb Liquids
  • Easy To Cut
  • Offered In 20 Bricks/Case & 48 Bricks/Case
  • Custom Cuts Available

Additional Applications

Extended Floral Life

The ability to keep a floral arrangement appearing freshly picked is not an easy task. Ultra-Wet™ Floral Foam’s unique cell structure can replicate the natural cell structure of a plants stem, giving it the ability to frequently release water to the flowers stem.

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