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Industrial Applications

When Imperial Woodworking Enterprisies, Inc. was hired to design the ceiling for the new Revel Resort Casino. They went on a quest for a material that would expand their design options without exceeding engineering thresholds.

Whether your work demands a high performance core material, temperature sensitive packaging or a breakthrough prototyping medium, American Foam Technologies, Inc. has you covered. Thermo-Cor® FR, Freeze-Pack Foam, and Balsa-Foam® offer striking features that will improve your finished products.

Reccomended Products

Thermo-Cor® FR

Thermo-Cor® FR offers exceptional structural strength and excellent fire, heat and chemical resistance. It’s well suited for stand-alone panels and stress skins used in thermal and acoustical insulation. It’s also capable of being coated and having other materials adhered to it.

  • Class 1 Fire Rating (ASTM E-84)
  • Easily Machined For Decorative Wall Panels & Hangings
  • Resistant To All Solvents, Acids, & Bases
  • Elevated Temperature Performance Up To 350°F (177°C).
  • Can Be Coated and Painted
  • Available In Standard/Custom Sizes
Freeze-Pack Foam

Freeze-Pack Foam offers reliability and precision in temperature controlled packaging. It’s ideal for applications in which perishable items must be kept cold while in transit or in storage for extended periods of time. Freeze-Pack Foam is sure to deliver low cost thermal protection solutions for any high volume temperature sensitive shippers. In most cases our customers soak the foam, seal it in polyethylene film, and freeze the bricks prior to the shipment.

  • Density 1.2 pcf – 1.75 pcf
  • Wet Time 20 – 60 Seconds (pending size)
  • Available In Standard/Custom Sizes
  • Compressive (with the rise) 9.0 – 17.0 psi
  • Over 95% Water Retention
Balsa-Foam® 10PCF

Balsa-Foam® offers three-dimensional design, sculpting, and model making capabilities. With its wide range of stand and custom densities, it’s certain to please an array of users. Balsa-Foam®’s unique properties allow for it to be used as an alternative to sculpting wood and clay art mediums. It can be carved, sanded, adhered, and painted. Some densities even allow for Balsa-Foam® to be used with CNC Router’s for prototyping and other industrial design applications. It’s even been used for production design in sets for movies such as: Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Dracula, and many more. Softer densities allow users to make lasting impressions with plastic or wooden tools where harder densities call for wood working tools.

  • 10PCF Density (Pounds Per Cubic Foot)
  • ACMI Certified Non-Toxic (ASTM D-4236)
  • Easy To Carve With Basic Hand Tools
  • Resistant To All Solvents, Acids, & Bases
  • Available In Standard Sizes Through AMACO
  • Custom Cutting Available
  • Maximum Bun Size: 48" x 96" x 30"

Additional Applications


The industrial applications of Thermo-Cor® FR and Balsa-Foam® are consistently growing in size. Their high R value and moisture resistance when coated allow them to become an ideal insulation panels for refrigeration and other consumer appliances.


In technical packaging, particularly ones containing expensive medical vaccines, perishables, or other substances that require a temperature controlled environment are an excellent applications for Freeze-Pack Foam. Its high absorbent composition also allows for it to be used as an absorbent material for goods that have been damaged during shipping and are leaking.

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