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  • Easily machined
  • Superior strength to weight ratio
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be coated and painted
  • No CFC or HCFC blowing agents
  • Available in standard/custom sizes
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Thermo-Cor® is rigid, closed-cell foam with a truly unique set of properties. It is a 0-Flame - Low Smoke Foam for use in Insulation Panels; Acoustical Panels, as a Honeycomb Filler and as a Core Material.

Thermo-Cor® has a superior compressive strength when compared to competing phenolic foams of congruent densities. Its exceptional structural strength also makes Thermo-Cor® well suited for stand-alone panels and stress skins used either as thermal or acoustical insulation for commercial applications, especially useful as insulation in hospitals, nursing homes and other public places where low smoke and toxicity are important. Thermo-Cor® can also be coated or have another material adhered to it. It is available in a wide range of densities from 2.0pcf to 35.0pcf in the form of sheets, buns, or custom-cut sizes. All metal components of CNC machines that come in direct contact with Thermo-Cor® should be cleaned and lubricated after use.

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