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Ultra-Wet™ Shapes


  • Density .8pcf – 1.2pcf
  • Compressive Strength (with rise) 18.0 psi
  • Balanced pH of 4.0 – 5.0
  • Greater than 95% water retention
  • Retains Color Longer than Competitors
  • Case packs vary by size & shape
  • Custom cuts available
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Precut Ultra-Wet™ shapes save time in preparation and offer unlimited creativity.

Ultra-Wet™ Floral Shapes are the ideal for those who want simplicity, but also those looking to push the limits of designer floral arrangements. They are typically offered in various sized cones, spheres (netting available) and cylinders. Create centerpieces, wreaths, kissing balls or custom arrangements with ease using Ultra-Wet™ Floral Foam. These pre-cut Ultra-Wet™ Shapes will be sure to inspire and give even the most discerning customer’s complete confidence. With a water retention rate greater than 95%, Ultra-Wet™ Foam saturates completely every time with ease.

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