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Balsa-Foam® 10PCF


  • 10PCF Density (Pounds Per Cubic Foot)
  • ACMI Certified Non-Toxic (ASTM D-4236)
  • Easy To Carve With Basic Hand Tools
  • Resistant To All Solvents, Acids, & Bases
  • Available In Standard Sizes Through AMACO
  • Custom Cutting Available
  • Maximum Bun Size: 48" x 96" x 30"
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Balsa-Foam® (10pcf): For Model Making, Model Dioramas, Art Projects and sculpture

Balsa-Foam® 10pcf is the next step up in density and is more durable than Balsa-Foam® 5 pcf. Because of this, Balsa-Foam® 10pcf has the ability to hold finely carved details. Balsa-Foam® 10pcf still has the ability to be tooled with emery boards and wooden picks, but also with professional craft and carving tools. Balsa-Foam® 10pcf is also suitable for vacuum form mold applications. Carving knives and chisels make cutting relatively easy, allowing moderate resistance. All metal components in direct contact with Balsa-Foam® should be cleaned and lubricated with light oil after each use.

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