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Balsa-Foam® 20PCF


  • 20PCF Density (Pounds Per Cubic Foot)
  • ACMI Certified Non-Toxic (ASTM D-4236)
  • Ideal For CNC Prototyping
  • Resistant To All Solvents, Acids, & Bases
  • Available Only Through American Foam Technologies
  • Custom Cutting Available
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Balsa-Foam® (20pcf): For Industrial Design, Signs, and Prototyping.

Balsa-Foam® 20pcf is the hardest and most durable form of Balsa-Foam®. Balsa-Foam® 20pcf is the best choice when maximum durability and the finest detail in the finished project are necessary. Metal wood carving tools work best with Balsa ̴ Foam® 20 pcf. Balsa-Foam® 20pcf also has the ability to be carved with a CNC Router making it ideal for prototyping. Balsa-Foam® 20pcf is also an great alternative to wood as many of the same applications can do done with both, but at a much lighter weight. All metal components in direct contact with Balsa-Foam® should be cleaned and lubricated with light oil after each use.

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