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Freeze-Pack Foam


  • Density 1.2 pcf – 1.75 pcf
  • Wet Time 20 – 60 Seconds (pending size)
  • Available In Standard/Custom Sizes
  • Compressive (with the rise) 9.0 – 17.0 psi
  • Over 95% Water Retention
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For Shipping Perishables, Air freight transportation, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals & Laboratory Testing

Freeze-Pack Foam is a 1.3 pcf – 2.0 pcf open cell wettable phenolic foam. Freeze-Pack Foam is ideal for use in keeping perishable items cold while in transit or in storage for extended periods of time. Once the dimensions are determined it is cut and packaged in bulk cases and sold to the manufacturers of insulated containers, who supply the pharmaceutical, bio medical and food industries with containers that are temperature controlled. Our customers soak the foam, vacuum seal it in a polyethylene bag or film, and freeze and store the packs until ready for use.

Our precisely cut Freeze-Pack Foam is made to exact specifications so our customers can offer low cost thermal protection solutions that fit exactly and tightly into various sizes of insulated shipping containers. Our bricks have proven to outperform other types of refrigerants due to our precise cutting which offers an even rate of heat absorption. Based upon the package configuration and shipping method, AFT will work with you to develop a custom dimension that will provide the ideal solution.

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