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Thermo-Cor® FR


  • Class 1 Fire Rating (ASTM E-84)
  • Easily Machined For Decorative Wall Panels & Hangings
  • Resistant To All Solvents, Acids, & Bases
  • Elevated Temperature Performance Up To 350°F (177°C).
  • Can Be Coated and Painted
  • Available In Standard/Custom Sizes
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With a Class 1 Fire Rating, Thermo-Cor® FR is ideal for Low Smoke Insulation Panels, Architectural Design, Honeycomb Filler and as a Core Material.

Thermo-Cor® FR is made from the same material as regular Thermo-Cor®, with enhanced fire retardants (Class 1 fire rating). It has a very low smoke rating when exposed to flame, because of its excellent fire and heat resistance. This makes Thermo-Cor® FR truly a game changer in architectural foam. It can withstand in temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Its exceptional structural strength makes it well suited for the stand-alone panels and stress skins used as thermal or acoustical insulation for commercial applications and public places where low smoke and toxicity levels are important. An added benefit is Thermo-Cor® (FR) can also be coated and have other materials adhered to it which makes for an ideal core product. It is available in a wide range of densities from 2.0pcf to 40.0pcf in the form of sheets, buns, or custom-cut sizes. All metal components in direct contact with Thermo-Cor® FR should be cleaned and lubricated with light oil after use.

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